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The Most PI Insurance Related Article That Isn’t Written About PI Insurance

I have written countless articles entitled, what is PI Insurance? Literally, one way or another I have described what PI Insurance is about 100 times more than any man has to do. (Which I estimate is around a dozen… and not a baker’s dozen at that). I have suddenly decided that that’s enough. No longer will I be writing about what PI Insurance is, and no longer will I be reciting endless scrolls on the benefits of that flipping insurance policy.

The reason for this sudden outburst is as follows… Last week someone asked me, ‘What is PI Insurance?’ I jumped at the chance to finally put what I had written down into verbal words, and to the best of my ability, told them what PI Insurance was. The next day, someone else asked me, ‘Hey what’s that PI Insurance you write about?’ Again, I felt slightly obliged to inform the person asking what it was, and as someone who writes daily about the policy, told them what the policy was and how it was beneficial etc. The next day, like some relentless Aesop Fable, I was asked again, ‘What is PI Insurance?’ It was at this point that I decided that I had finally reached the end of my PI Insurance related tether. No longer was I going to write about the benefits and requirements of Professional Indemnity Insurance, I had exhausted both my knowledge and skills in preaching the profits of the policy to the masses, and decided to draw the blinds on my involvement with it.

This great revolution that I had decided to embark on lasted for the huge expanse of time of… one morning. Now my huge revolt ended because of a phone call I received not long after beginning my PI mutiny. My fingers were trembling with excitement as I picked up the phone as I had promised myself that whatever conversation I had, PI Insurance would not be mentioned. As the receiver reached my ear, I was met by the charming, chirpy sounds of a hopeful Irishman who had just begun his life as a contractor. I was beside myself with joy, what wondrous conversation was I about to have, what majestic topics were about to be discussed! To my horror, the first question I was asked, even before the standard ‘How are you today?’ was that most dreaded of requests… ‘Could you give me some information regarding PI Insurance?’ Now as you can imagine, on first hearing this I was about ready to hurl the phone straight out of the window, not a care in the world that a car park holding a bulk of my colleague’s vehicles laid below it.

As I stopped and thought about it for a second however, I began to realise… People actually want to know about PI Insurance, and furthermore, people NEED to know about it. After all, it is protection at the end of the day, and who am I not to allow a human being the ability to protect themselves. I was soon beginning to resemble some sort of superhero villain, and in a revelation, I calmly took a breath and began to reel off the ‘do’s’, the ‘don’ts’ and the ‘what’s’ and ‘why’s’ of Professional Indemnity Insurance. Now don’t expect me to start filling you all in on it now, I won’t go that far, but if you want my opinion, which at the end of the day is all I can give you here, PI Insurance is a pretty darn good policy.

By Troy Stevens


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