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Contractors Working Away

Whatever you choose to do for a living can cause problems but how you deal with them can make all the difference.  So I was wondering what are the challenges facing contractors when working and living away from home?

Maybe you vacate the family home Monday to Friday to live in a B&B returning each weekend to repack your case for the forthcoming week ahead; or you live away from your main home month after month in a flat or apartment; or is it that your current project finds you living in cramped conditions sharing a room?

Whatever your living arrangements whilst working away you no doubt have a few tips to help others – please feel free to add to our list below:

  • Finding short to medium term accommodation, how do you do this?  Do you rely on word of mouth?  Does the company you contract for help you?  Or do you use an intermediary?  I found some sites offering contractor accommodation services, which seem to have some good testimonials (although not personally tested) – they may be useful.
  • When you find your accommodation, do you take along any home comforts? 
  • Do you go into automatic mode when packing?
  • Leisure time – do you have any?

As for the family – do you worry about them and miss them while you are away or are you glad for the peace and quiet?!!

By Jane Hailstone


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5 thoughts on “Contractors Working Away”

  1. Tony Warner

    Having been away all week I want to lounge around at home. Having been at home all week my wife wants to get out and about. I also have to deal with all those painful matters of household admin, especially the ones that come in by surface mail, which doesn’t leave a lot of ‘together time’. Can’t imagine what people do who have children still at home. Gave up renting a flat as it involves even more admin. Once you can get at least one day working from home there is no price advantage over a cheap hotel through a website. Most work places will do you a decent breakfast; I eat out one night a week (usually Monday after a 5a.m. start) and buy fresh salad and something the other nights to eat in my room. Alcohol consumption on long boring nights can be a problem.

  2. jhailstone

    Thanks for this quick response Tony. Do you have to travel far? Have others experienced the same? and just how does it affect the children?

  3. Mark

    Worked for a year in Ireland M-F, stayed in same hotel most weeks. •Do you go into automatic mode when packing?….have duplicate items for going away so it doesn’t need packing eg toothbrush, toiletries, wallet, clothes (best leave them on the Friday to be laundered and pick up on Monday)….use savings made from not checking luggage in.

    Free alcohol can be even more of a problem…..

  4. Derek Clarke

    I spend my working life in hotels.

    I dare not try and rent a flat because of the risk of the contract ending prematurely then having a big bill to pay with no income.

    I rent the hotel 7 days a week for as long as possible because I hate moving around! is my favourite source of hotels, although I then get a long term deal direct if possible. Some chains are impossible to negotiate with unfortunately.

  5. Karl Hedison

    Thanks for the mention – . I think life can be tough for people living away from home, but working away from home seems to be on the increase. I’d be interested to hear if you get chance to book in advance, or if you have to find something short notice?

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